About us

About us

We keep developing in order to provide you with the best treatment!

Reha-Prime is a successful company specialised in first-class physiotherapy, rehabilitation and specialised medicine.

We have over 25 years’ experience in pain therapy, sports and physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Medical Training Therapy (MTT), medical massage and behavioural therapy.

We are constantly expanding the medical treatments we offer at our practices.

Our doctors offer outstanding specialist expertise and years of experience, and their work conforms to the highest quality standards. We also have access to a first-class network of medical practitioners with the best specialised doctors.

As a patient, you benefit from direct cooperation between doctors, specialist doctors and physiotherapists.

Our target group is patients with (chronic) pain and musculoskeletal problems following accidents, operations and sports injuries, as well as age-related complaints.

Choose the best medical specialist, the best physiotherapy and the best rehabilitation! Book an appointment today

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