Choose the best treatment!

Our effective physiotherapy guarantees a faster, better recovery.

At Reha-Prime, we use simple tests to find out where the problems lie that are putting your body under strain and causing pain.
We use targeted hands-on therapy to tackle these problems and help you become and remain pain-free. Tailored training establishes sustainable pain-free movement.

We aim to offer you the best possible treatment.

Our physio team is always up-to-date with the latest treatment techniques thanks to regular further training including internal training sessions. This enables us to offer you high-quality holistic physiotherapy that is tailored to your individual needs.
In addition to their physiotherapy training, all physios at Reha-Prime have undergone comprehensive specialised training in the practice’s own Healing Balance Principle Method (HBP).

The Healing Balance Principle Method (HBP) unites all significant scientifically and practically proven treatment methods from manual medicine, training and ergonomics in a highly efficient format that has been applied with great success.

The Healing Balance Principle Method (HBP)

  • The right treatment for the right moment
  • The patient plays a key role in their own recovery
  • Coaching the patient so their behaviour matches the amount of strain they can handle
  • Physiotherapy that solves problems
  • Medical Training Therapy (MTT) to stabilise and expand the patient’s situation

This enables our physios to help the majority of patients with musculoskeletal problems achieve a faster, better recovery!

Don’t keep living in pain – book an appointment at Reha-Prime today!

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